So Amy and I brilliantly decide to run a Whole 30 Challenge at the same time we are running a Buns and Guns Challenge with our clients. They are both 30 days and while we may have bitten off a little more than we can chew….Let’s be real, that’s kind of how we roll. As we were planning the Whole 30 Challenge and gathering everything we need to make it successful, I got more excited about it!

There are several restrictions through the Whole 30 Program but something inside me was pumped to get our clients through this challenge feeling successful! The more we planned, the more jazzed I got. I started looking at my own eating habits and realized that I hang on to some foods a little too tight! Examples you ask? I’m happy to oblige!

My guilty pleasures…

  • Diet Root Beer (I know, I’m an 80 year old man, no offense grandpa)
  • Gum (I really need to kick this habit)
  • Peanut Butter (Not sure what happened but since my son was born almost three months ago, this has been my jam!)
  • Sugar free almond milk lattes 

See the pattern? Sugars and fake sugars. As a nutrition/health coach and personal trainer, I know that these are terrible for you! I just needed a quick and swift kick in the ass to get it out of my system. I decided that I was going to join our clients in the Challenge! My creative juices started flowing the more we planned and I was itching to develop and share my recipes. Hopefully, these recipes will assist everyone in their personal journey through the Whole 30 Challenge.

So here’s the plan…I’m going to be an open book through my blog! I am going to share my best new recipes that I plan to use throughout the next 30 days. Obviously, I can’t share them ALL because many are reserved for the Challengers. Although, fear not! You will see plenty of delicious new recipes to inspire you to one day, join me! It’s not too late! You can always make that decision now and we can do this thing together!

HellaBella Athletics Whole 30 Challenge  #boom

With that being said…. Here we go! Now, the recipe looks intensive but trust me it’s worth it! Spend a little bit of time and you can use any of these items throughout your meals each day! For example, I used the Mango Salsa on my chicken burger! Then I used the Avocado Sante Fe Sauce in my salad to spice it up! The recipe makes a lot so use them wherever you want. Each of the following items are just building blocks for whatever you want to put together. So get creative!

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