What is it like being coached by Kelsey?

A lot of our readers and clients know me pretty well by now. If you don’t know me, let me enlighten you with a little “Getting to know Kelsey” session.

When people come to me and want to change their life through fitness and nutrition, I feel like a kid in a candy store. The words, “Kelsey, I need your help with (fill in the blank)” probably make me the happiest girl in the world. I truly believe I was put on this Earth to care for people and help them live their best life. If we aren’t enjoying our lives, then what the hell are we doing?!

I care so damn much, it hurts! I will never be the person that will watch someone hurting and not do something about it. It pains me to watch people want something so badly and not see results because they don’t have the knowledge, the support and/or the motivation to do it on their own. That’s where we come in.

I’m a mama, through and through and I’m proud of that. When people work with me, my goal is to care for them, educate them , walk with them and succeed with them until they get what they truly want out of their life.

With that being said…Let me introduce you to my girl, Janelle.

FLASHBACK: June 2016

I have known Janelle for a few years now and I have watched her bust her ass with her workouts without getting the return she deserves. Sounds familiar?

You can’t change your entire life by changing one small habit. Adding exercise to your daily life is great! As Janelle has kindly demonstrated, exercise alone will leave you feeling less than enthusiastic when the scale doesn’t move in the right direction.

Janelle had a very common goal. Weight/fat loss! She was dedicated to her workouts by giving them everything she had every single day.

FAST FORWARD: September 2016

Janelle walks into my office and stands at the doorway, “I think I need to quit my membership. I’m not losing weight and it’s been months!”

I smile and say, “Not happening. Sit down and talk to me. How’s your food?”

It doesn’t take long for me to conclude that she needs to make some minor tweaks to her diet to start seeing some changes! We make a plan and we execute! She loses over 25 pounds in just three months! She gets under 200 pounds and she is overjoyed to be in “ONEderland”. She starts feeling confident and strong. With this feeling comes a “loosening of the reins”. Janelle disappears from our radar and hits a plateau. Then it happens…she gives up. She found a dark little corner where she could comfortably fall into her old habits and regain her weight! Sounds familiar? This happens to so many people, unfortunately.


Janelle tracks me down again! “Kelsey, I need you girls! I cannot do this by myself and I am disgusted with who I have become.”

My heart breaks because I know this woman so well. She is incredibly strong and doesn’t even know it yet. So this is it! She WILL reach her goal this time. We finally developed a One-on-One coaching program and I get to be the coach who crosses the finish line with her. I am stubborn. I refuse to give up. I fight hard and I’m always going to be the best at everything I do. Basically, she has nowhere to hide this time (insert evil laugh).

We sit down and come up with a plan together. We talk about her goals, her habits, her exercise, and so much more. We discover her strengths and her challenges. We attack the challenges one at a time and build upon her strengths.

The time has come for Janelle to officially KICK SOME ASS! She gets excited, I get excited. We are doing this.

I’m writing this post on August 5th, 2018. It’s been about 8 weeks and Janelle has dropped 10 pounds. We are losing just over one pound of body fat per week, which is ideal. When you drop much more than that, we are in danger of losing muscle mass. This is incredibly unhealthy, as muscle is insanely difficult to build. So finding the right balance of macronutrients, micronutrients and water is critical. We get to use the ProCoach platform online every single day to communicate with each other. This is where I get to track her habits, her progress, her challenges or emotional breakdowns (if and when they occur). It’s an amazing interactive platform for the both of us! We see each other face-to-face to strategize and game plan the next steps. It’s the best way to stay accountable and be motivated through the journey.

I am Janelle’s bestie for one year whether she likes it or not. HAHA! I get to be her cheerleader, her support, her coach, her trainer and so much more. She has a goal to lose 80 pounds and we are going to get there and throw a massive party when it happens. You get to be a witness to all of this. I plan to write a new post every month to give you updates on her progress. We can all rally around her and support her.

If you are like Janelle and need a new bestie to make some big changes, talk to me! I am here to changes lives through fitness and nutrition. Not sure if that’s you? Message us and let’s find out.

In the meantime, let’s give Janelle a big cheer! (The crowd goes wild!)


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