Top 10 Pantry Essentials

We get this question, ALL THE TIME!

“Kelsey, what do you eat when you are on the go and need a snack?”

So, if you know me at all, you would know that I am pretty intense about TWO THINGS when it comes to my nutrition…

  1. I want the food I put in my body to be healthy and to be beneficial towards my goals and my overall health and wellness. Basically, I want to feel and look great.
  2. I really need the food to taste good. If it’s yucky and boring health food, I’m not going to eat it. What’s the point in eating if you don’t enjoy it?!

With that being said, I have foods that are in my kitchen every single day. If I don’t have these items in my pantry, I am on Amazon immediately to get those back in my pantry ASAP.

I am a busy mom of three little ones and have very little time on my hands. When I prep my food for the week, I MASS PREP! My hubby is in charge of corralling the kiddos and turn into a human tornado in the kitchen.  I jam-pack my refrigerator with ready-to-eat protein, veggies and carbs.

When it comes to the pantry, I need things that are easy to grab and throw in my purse or diaper bag. This can be a challenge because I know I want a COMPLETE meal with protein, carbs and healthy fats. So obviously, I have a solid list of everything that you would need to stock the perfect pantry. Here we go!



Bone Broth Protein Powder

Beef or turkey jerky

Protein Bars



Snack pack popcorn

Rice Cakes



Healthy Fats

Nut and Nut butters

Dark Chocolate


Quick all-in-ones

RX Bars


Head to the store or do some online shopping with Amazon by clicking the links. Stock up on as many of these healthy snacks as you think you would enjoy! This is a great step towards feeling good about your nutrition. If you are unsure on what you should be eating, that’s what I am here for! The Bella Life is an amazing program we offer for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge about health and wellness. As a member, you will receive daily encouragement and education so you can learn how to become your best self. Click here and learn more!

In the meantime, go shopping and set yourself up for success! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions. That’s what we are here for. We love helping people! Just ask J You can also check this link of all kinds of our Favorites for the pantry and the gym!










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