The Magical Kingdom: Your Metabolism

Ok, real talk…

What the hell is your metabolism, for real? Most people think that the metabolism is a system within your body, whose sole purpose is to burn calories. Some of us understand that this has to do with thermodynamics and relationship your body has with energy. Very few of us understand that your metabolism is the sum of your ENTIRE body working to keep you alive.

What do I mean when I say “entire body”? I bet you are thinking of what you see in the mirror, right? You are thinking about when you are killing that workout and your “entire body” is working because you are sweating. That’s when your metabolism is used and working, right? Well yes! But there is a lot more to it than that.

Your body is made up of nearly 40 trillion cells (amazing right?!) These cells are busy every single day working on a microscopic level. They transport and use energy throughout your entire body in order to do… well, EVERYTHING! Where does the energy come from? Phew, that’s a dozy of a question and begs for a 3-hour lecture to explain energy balance.

So let’s start with baby steps. For the sake of entertainment and comprehension, let’s bring it all the way back to Fairytale Theater with HellaBella Athletics.

Picture this… The lights go dim and the curtain lifts.

Welcome to the mystical land of the Fairies (fitness fairies in case you have followed my previous blog posts). This far-away land is populated by pretty little sprites, delicate fluttering fairies and magical pixies. It’s a beautiful land full of lush trees, soaring meadows and acres of the magical, Golden Wildflowers. These wildflowers are the heartbeat of the kingdom. They are planted, nourished and plucked every day, as they contain a special kind of magic that spreads love to any and all who possess them!

Our friends, the sprites, fairies and pixies float happily out of bed every morning to meet in the meadows of the Golden Wildflowers. They prance through the magical meadows to reap the harvest of the work they have been doing for generations. They collect as many wildflowers as they can and carry them to the golden wagons. The wagons are driven through the cobblestone roads of the land of the Fairies and exit the city gates. These magical wildflowers are then taken to the Leprechauns and Imps, who sell them in the markets on the busy streets of the vast mystical kingdom that stretches far beyond the Fairy Lands. The wildflowers are sold to all the mystical creatures that visit the market. Their sole purpose is to buy and trade for the flowers in order to fill their homes and neighborhoods with this critical commodity. They spread the joy of the Wildflowers by sharing with their neighbor, families or perhaps, offering a bouquet to anyone that may be looking a little glum. The wildflowers shift any glum or gray disposition into that of love and joy! Remember Eeyore? He’s a gray, sad and mopey donkey! Without the wildflowers, the entire kingdom would become sad, depressed and gray, just like Eeyore. No one would smile. No one would dance. No one would party like it’s 1999 (miss you, Prince). The land would crumble and fall into a sad and gray pile of dust. The little fairies, pixies and sprites that you are now emotionally attached to, would perish for all eternity. No one would be bustling around the markets, the streets, the meadows or fields. The kingdom would die away. Ok, so that’s a little dramatic but you get it, right?

Now, let’s bring it all together! If you had to choose between a flourishing, magical land full of beauty with epic 80’s and 90’s hits OR a gray wasteland with no life, no joy and constant repeat of depressing songs like “Tears in Heaven” (Love you Eric Clapton!) What would you choose? Come on, no one wants to live in gray dusty shit!

So here’s the thing…

What you do with your body (exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and water intake) creates the Fairy Land in which you are cultivating these magical wildflowers. If you suck at eating healthy and don’t use your body for movement and activity, your Fairy Land might be a little more like the Majave Desert. No nourishment, no movement, no nutrients to flourish. No thank you! Now, I could talk about the quality of your calories and healthy habits all day, but that’s another blog post all together. For the sake of time, let’s focus on the task at hand.

Whatever your body intakes will affect how your body works. Your body is the Fairy Land, while the fairies/sprites and pixies are all of your cells racing around spreading energy from one place to another in order to create a happy and flourishing kingdom… again, your body! What is the energy? The Golden Wildflowers of course!

So basically, there is a lot going on right? From the moment the sun peeks up over the horizon on Fairy Land to the moment to sun falls back down into the distance mountaintops, the kingdom is busy. Plucking, transporting, exchanging, selling, spreading and dispersing the magical Golden Wildflowers.

Your body is doing the same thing! From the moment you rise from bed (side note, your body still works while you sleep, just on a smaller scale) until the moment you close your eyes from much needed sleep, your cells are working on taking in energy, using energy, transporting energy, exchanging energy and so on!

Ready for the big AH-HA moment?

The accumulation of all of these things, are your metabolism! So the better and more efficient your body becomes, the better your metabolism is as using the energy you put into it (nutrients). It takes the participation of entire magic kingdom in order to keep the kingdom thriving. Therefore, it takes your entire body with every system working at it’s best to maintain a healthy and thriving metabolism. So no, your metabolism doesn’t just get used when you exercise. It works all the time and in everything you do. Phew!

This is been a presentation of HellaBella Fairytale Theater. I hope you have enjoyed our feature presentation.

Much love and honesty,

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