Forget kettle bells, dumbbells and resistance bands for your at-home-gym. The best workout tool you are not using is probably in your kitchen as we speak.

Do you have a few paper plates lying around from the last BBQ of the summer? Perfect! In this KATU Afternoon Live Segment, Amy will show you how to put them to good use this fall with a total body strength and cardio circuit that will keep your body guessing.

Ready to try this at home? All you will need are two paper plates and a tile or wooden floor surface! Start with 10-15 reps per exercise. Aim for 3-5 rounds, but you can repeat through each exercise for as many rounds as you have time for!

Sliding Burpees

Sliding Lateral Lunges *targets inner and outer glute

Sliding Tricep Pushups

Sliding Pushups

Hamstring Curls w/a crunch *targets abs and hamstrings

Get after it!



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