As Valentines Day approaches, social media is inundated with fitness couple memes. “Couples who sweat together stay together.” Paired with an image of two perfectly tanned, gorgeous, chiseled individuals spotting each other’s squats.#couplegoals

Whether you are currently single or in a relationship, there are couples that naturally hit the gym together, while others can’t imagine workout out with their significant other. But research has shown that a workout partner is not just good for the body, but the health of your relationship.

Here are 5 research-backed advantages of working out with your partner on a regular basis. If your single, that’s OK, grab a friend and hit the gym! Better friendships are always a positive thing!

Increase your chances of being successful & building healthier habits 

When your alarm goes off in the morning and the person lying next to you asks, “Are you working out with me today?”  You are more likely to get to the gym then if left to your own devices. It seems like common sense that if your partner works out, then you would be more likely to workout and stick with your healthy routine too, right?

A study published in JAMA Internal medicine in 2015 found that when one romantic partner made a health change, the other was likely to follow suit. The most influential changes in this study were quitting smoking and adding in exercise. The study also showed that if one partner all ready has a long standing healthy routine (i.e. exercise, eating healthy, etc.) this also makes their partner more likely to adopt their habits.

Not to mention if you are putting in all the hard work at the gym, often this translates to healthier habits in the kitchen.

Reignite that flame!

If you are in a long-standing committed relationship, this one really applies to you! Participating in exciting activities and challenges with your partner can make you feel more satisfied in your relationship and possibly even more in love with them research has shown. It was thought at first that it was just the “novelty” of trying something new, but researchers in the same study found the key to this is for the activity to be physically arousing. This means that you need to be up and moving together, so exercise definitely falls within this category. And it does not have to be a new type of exercise each time, find a workout you both enjoy and make it a date each week!

Challenge & push each other

Who doesn’t perform better when they know they are being watched? Same principle applies here. If you are working out with your significant other, you are more likely to push yourself having that motivation and encouragement. Research has found that exercising with another person, especially one who is more fit than you will make you work harder. Guess it is time to level up!

Regardless of fitness levels, both partners benefit from working out together. To get the full effect, try a partner workout, like this one we shared on KATU Afternoon Live!

Studies have also showed that you will also work harder in a partner style workout then simple exercising at the same time as someone else.

You will get closer

Have you ever heard of mirroring? Mimicking body language or voice in an attempt to make others feel more comfortable. This can apply to exercise as well. By performing the same exercises as your partner, you are bonding at a subconscious level. One study found that when both partners lead actions, the bond created was intensified. So, switch off who leads parts of your workout!

Exercise makes you happier & will be more fun! 

Exercise has so many benefits, but one of the biggest upsides to working out is was it does for your mental and emotional health. It has been shown that even short, low intensity sweat sessions can make people feel more positive and calm. Experiencing this mood boosting workout with your partner can help you in good times and times of tension (which we all know are inevitable in a relationship). Having the common ground of doing something positive and that keeps you both happy and grounded will make you both more willing and able to handle relationship challenges! Plus studies have shown that people have more fun working out with a partner whether that is a significant other or a friend. Partner motivation also made exercisers more likely to find an internal drive to workout on their own, which is good, since you may not always be able to work out with them.

We want to know… Do you and your partner workout together or do you fly solo? What are your favorite partner workouts? If you typically workout on your own, we challenge you to make a workout date with your partner this month! If you need some inspiration, use the HellaBella workout featured on KATU Afternoon Live!. Have fun with it and then report back on how it went!

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