Picture this…

You are at the gym, AGAIN! It’s the fourth time you have been here this week and you are checking yourself out in the mirror while you are destroying your back and biceps workout. You have a flashback from a few months ago when you were standing in this same spot, making eye contact with those same eyes in the mirror thinking to yourself, “Man, in a few months I am going to look fabulous from working this damn hard!” Bring it back to the present as you are checking yourself out and you get PISSED! You look the same! What the hell is going on? You are working way too hard for way too long to look exactly the same.
You start to question your journey…
Am I lifting heavy enough?
Should I be workout out more days during the week?
Maybe I should workout longer each day?
Am I doing the wrong things when I get to the gym?
Maybe I’m supposed to be the size and weight forever?
After the questions and the self-doubt flood your brain, you become heavily discouraged and decide to drop your weights and go home! “What’s the freakin point?!” You yell at yourself in the mirror while the gym creepers eye you suspiciously. Yep, that’s the technical term.
Gym Creeper: Those weird and unfortunate crazies that go to the gym to check out anything that breathes. Those peeps that are dying to be noticed when they drop the hundred pound weights with unnecessary force. Please don’t be a gym creeper, it’s not a good look.
Ok, STOP! Don’t give up and don’t get down on yourself! First of all, exercise is beneficial regardless of the results you see in the mirror. There are amazing things happening within your body that you can’t see but that’s an entirely different blog post.
So here’s the unfortunate truth…
Exercise equates to about 20% of what your see in the mirror! You work your ass off in the gym to gain a mere 20% of the results you see. What is the other 80%? You guessed it, food! Yes, I know that is bad news and you aren’t happy to hear it. But let’s be real…if it was all about exercise and nothing else, this world would be populated with some major hotties all over the place, right?
The fitness industry is booming! Everyone wants to get into the newest form of “goat yoga”, “naked crossfit” and “blacklight zumba”. Ok, so I made the last two up! But who knows? Maybe those actually exist out there!
With the fitness industry booming, you would think that we are getting leaner and healthier, right? WRONG! The obesity rate is climbing, alongside the heart conditions and diabetes rate. Coincidence? NO!
So what is the common denominator here? Food. Food equates to 80% of what we see in the mirror. Think of food as fuel. Think of food as information. You are fueling your body with information so that it can perform a certain way. If you eat clean and balanced meals, your body will thank you by running smoothly and shedding excess body fat. If you feed your body a Costco chocolate cake (you know which one I’m talking about), your body will become polluted with sugars and inflammation that wreak havoc in every part of your body! It panics and copes with the chaos by storing fat. YIKES!
So are you thinking…
“Why the hell am I busting gym ass in the gym every day when it only equates to 20% of my physical results?”
If I could, I would smack you up side the head right now! What you should be thinking is…
“Why the hell am I now getting my food right so I can see 100% of the results I deserve?”
When you spend hours of your life at the gym every week, you need to see some form of progress. It feels good to see those changes. It feels good to make those changes. You deserve to feel amazing and look fabulous when you put in the hard work. So let’s build the puzzle with the rest of your pieces. Let’s get your food right…
Take baby steps and start rocking these 10 tips to getting your nutrition dialed in to make some real progress. Because let’s be real…You have to give 100% of your effort in your workouts and 100% of your efforts with fueling your body with healthy food in order to see the results you are fighting for.
10 Tips to getting 100% of the results 
1. Drink at least 100 ounces of water per day. Flush out the crap and get all systems working properly!
2. Start your day with a balanced breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism. 
3. Fuel steadily throughout the day with meals and/or to keep your body burning through fat!
4. Balance out your meals with lean protein, a carbohydrate and healthy fat because you need all of them!
5. Fuel your body with a pre-workout meal for great performance and extra burn. 
6. Fuel your body with a post-workout meal following an intense workout! 
7. Spend some time food-prepping to be successful all week!
8. Eat your veggies (or drink them) to clean your system out so your systems are harmonious.
9. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Find whole foods! Veggies, fruit, meats, nuts, healthy grains, dairy (if you partake) etc.
10. Listen to your body and your brain. You are not an idiot! You KNOW what is healthy and what isn’t so don’t let ignorance be an excuse. You’ve got this!
I know I could have a list of 100 but these are a great starting point for a lot of us! If you can get your nutrition moving in the right direction you are guaranteed to see results. So pick up those dumbbells at the gym again, tell those gym creepers to get back to their pretend workout and get after it! Then go home and make a plan to implement some of these tips so you can rock out some real progress. I am here for you!
Amy and Kelsey

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