Kelsey, what is the BEST diet?


There are a zillion diets out there! How do you know which one is the BEST one? Throughout this article, I am going to help you navigate through this very complicated question.


As a health and fitness professional, I get asked this question ALL THE TIME! It’s a valid question! The thing is, everyone has their OWN answer, and for good reason. Many have gone through the gamut of diets and exercise looking for their best body. They pick a diet, follow it religiously, get some results but throw in the towel after a few days, weeks or months. Then they start the cycle over with another trendy diet. Does this sound familiar? We get it! Everyone wants results NOW!


You are searching high and low for the best diet but you have to consider a few things first…


YOU are 1 in 7,530,000,000! There are over seven and a half billion people on this earth. How miraculous would it be if we could say there is ONE perfect diet for everyone? As you can imagine, it doesn’t work that way.


So let me set the record straight and get something off my chest first! Soapbox alert!


Just because a diet program works for you doesn’t mean you should preach it to the world and create mass followers based on your results. Right now the nutrition industry is at a world war involving the Paleo die-hards, the carnivore crazies, the Ketos nuts, the Whole 30 followers, intermittent fasting crowd, Vegans and so on! Everyone feels that THEIR diet is the diet everyone should adopt.




If your primary reason is because it’s worked for you, I’m going to have to call bullshit. Unless you can prove that the entire world shares your DNA and expression of said DNA, environmental factors, micro biome, metabolism, food absorption rate and efficiency, behavioral choices and lifestyle factors, no one should do exactly what you do.


Let me address those diets I mentioned above…


I am ALL ABOUT finding what works for people! So if one of those diets works for you, awesome! I support you and encourage you to keep doing it. As long as you feel great, look healthy and perform at your best, I’m happy with your progress and nutritional choices. So don’t get me wrong. I am not a “diet hater.” I just don’t appreciate the ignorance of categorizing all humans under together when there are too many other factors to consider.


Ok, off my soapbox! Let’s get back to the BEST diet!


We all want to know what foods we should eat to look and feel our best, right? We want to know what foods to eat to keep disease and cancers away. Foods that give us an enormous amount of energy and help us sleep restfully. Foods that keep our skin glowing, joints feeling good and give us that “I can go rock a Baywatch run on the beach” kind of feeling?


So listen, don’t stop reading. I have a confession to make…


As you may have already guessed from my rant above, there is NO best diet out there. We are all unique! Each individual will have their OWN answer to this question. Not to mention that the answer may change over the course of their lifetime (but that’s a whole other topic).


Here are just a FEW ways we are all different…


  • Body Types
  • Genetic makeup and expression
  • Goals or desired outcome
  • Taste preferences
  • Limitations
  • Ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Nutritional knowledge and ability to apply
  • Budgets and Availability
  • Activity level
  • Environments
  • Allergies and restrictions


Think about how many combinations of people you can come up with just the factors listed above? The answer is not even a number. If I tried to cram every single one of my clients into the same “mold,” I would likely make someone cry or get a swift kick in the gut. No thank you!


So what is the better approach?


Take everything into consideration when determining your OWN BEST DIET. Many of the diets out there CAN work for you! I’m not knocking any particular diet; in fact I would encourage you to experiment to find what works best.


Here are some progress indicators that prove you are on the right track:


  1. You should feel your best!
  2. You should be looking your best or at least getting closer every.
  3. You should be performing at your best.
  4. It should have long-term sustainability (no, quick diets with deadlines DO NOT fit here).
  5. You are happy!


Now let’s take a moment to talk about how the commonalities of diets in general, help people reach their desired outcome. Sometimes it’s not even the diet itself; it’s the behaviors behind the diet that aid in reaching your goals.


For example:


  • When we are dieting, we typically have a higher awareness of our surroundings. We make better food choices because we care!
  • When you are following a nutritional program, you are normally instructed to focus on food QUALITY.
  • You are normally asked to lower the intake of highly processed foods that contain very little nutrients. Therefore, eating a nutrient rich diet of whole foods will eliminate nutrient deficiencies, leaving you feeling amazing.
  • Diets and nutritional programs help control your cravings and food intake so you feel satisfied.
  • Any good nutritional program will promote exercise and/or some form of activity. Adding healthy muscle instead of extra fat to your body.


Like I said, I am NOT a diet-hater! Although I will tell you right now, my clients don’t get meal plans, diet restrictions and rules to follow like most other diets out there. Why? You should have guessed it by now! Everyone is different and deserves to be treated as such. We coach you on long-term habits that will translate into life-long health and wellness. You will feel awesome, look incredible and be your best every single day. So if this sounds awesome to you! Call me!


If you are sick of doing this on your own and trying to navigate through the endless maze of dieting, let me help you. I promise, it will be the best decision you have ever made. You will be your happiest and healthiest! Not only that, but those around you will also benefit from the life you are creating. Trust me, it’s worth it!


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