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“Eating for your own unique body composition!”

As HellaBella trainers, far too often we hear individuals just “wing it” with their nutrition. They assume

that cutting calories and “clean eating” will get them to their health and fitness goals. What they don’t

know is that nutrition is not a simple math problem; it’s more like calculus! Proper nutrition should be

based on each individual’s goals, body composition, activity level and lifestyle! At HellaBella Athletics,

we take out the guesswork for you and create a monthly Fuel Plan that is easy to follow and full of the

foods you love to eat!

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How is HellaBella different?

HellaBella Fuel Plans are specifically designed for your own unique body composition. What is body

composition? Body composition is what you are made of! Muscle, fat, water, bones, skin, organs etc.

Your body composition changes almost daily depending on countless factors. As a HellaBella member

you will see a new Fuel Plan each month depending on your body composition at the time. This Fuel

Plan will be given to you according to the progress you have made to keep you moving forward and

getting that body you want! You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. It’s very

simple…If you stick with the same plan, you’ll stick with the same body.

Most diet programs on the market are solely based on the goal you are trying to achieve. You may be

executing the same program as someone else with a completely different body type, lifestyle, weight,

height and gender. The most effective nutrition coaches take all aspects of your life into account when

building a plan for you. You are not like any other, so don’t train or eat that way.

*At HellaBella we even give you the options in your Fuel Plan. Need Paleo (gluten and dairy free), Vegan

or Vegetarian? Let us know so we can accommodate.


What is included in your Fuel Plan membership?

Upon signing up as a Bella, you will gain your own login and password to give your exclusive access to the

countless tools we have on your website to best support you! Here are our favorites…

• Your HellaBella Fuel Plan Execution Guide: Step by step instruction on how to feel confident rocking out

your Fuel Plan every day.

• HellaBella Huddles: These community video conferences are done on the first Thursday of every month

and you are always invited to join! Ask questions and get the answers and support you need. Not only

from your HellaBella Coaches but also from a huge group of incredible women and men who are all

trying to be their best selves.

• The HellaBella “Maximize your Fuel Plan” video: Feel confident and learn from us at the very start!

• Exclusive access to our YouTube Channel: Each week we post “Tuesday Talks” for all of our Fuel Plan

Bellas! We discuss a multitude of topics that aid in your progress along the way.

• HellaBella Recipe Vault: All recipes from your Fuel Plans are easily accessed from here! We even have

an archive of your past recipes to access and a featured recipe video of the month.

• Exclusive Facebook Community Page: Ready to join up with other amazing Bellas who are ready to

change their lives as well? This is an amazing support group where you can post questions, successes,

challenges and so much more.

• Support and motivation from your HellaBella Coaches: We understand how difficult big changes can

be! We are always here for you and ready to answer your questions!

• Grocery Lists and Substitution Guide: If you don’t eat certain items, no big deal! We have great tools for

you to make adjustments where you need to!



o Complete with Refuel Surveys your coaches need to support you! You will submit these biweekly

so we can assess your progress and move you from Fuel Plan to Fuel Plan, as needed.

o Includes Body Composition Analysis from your HellaBella Coaches to make sure you are

moving in the right direction and redirect where necessary.

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Become a Bella NOW!

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Fuel Plan Membership Rate

$99 monthly

One-time Initiation fee of $100 applied at checkout.

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