Bella Bootcamps and Brainy Bella Workshops

Several times a month we get out into the community to spread the good news about fitness and nutrition! We would love for you to join us for these Bootcamps and Workshops. Periodically, we run FREE workshops as well. If you follow us on social media, you will get notified when we have these on the schedule. Click on the links to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram!

If you want to join us for these events, we offer Bella Class Cards at a discounted rate in order to avoid the $19 drop in rate for one class.


$99 for 10 Classes

$69 for 5 Classes

$19 for Drop-in Class


We have two types of classes available for you! Bella Bootcamps and Brainy Bella Workshops…

Bella Bootcamps

Bella Bootcamps are rockin' workouts that always has a different focus. We announce that focus on our social media calendar so you can choose which bootcamps you would like to attend. Each bootcamp is ONE HOUR long. It starts with a dynamic warm up before getting into the bulk of the workout, then finishes with a cool down and question and answers session so you feel empowered in your body and mind when you leave.

Here are just a few of the Bella Bootcamp Workouts we offer!

Bella Booty Burn-This bootcamp is all about building great glutes! Not only to look awesome but to great great alignment and stability in your body. Come ready to feel the burn and build that butt!

Zen Bella-Need to recenter yourself, recover and just take some time to breathe with intention? Come to this class for an amazing yoga flow. Open your mind and your body to find your “Om”.

Bella Core Inferno-Always chasing that flat and sexy core? Attend this workshop to burn up your core while you sweat with some challenging cardio moves. Pairing cardio and core together will give you fast and visible results.

Bella Upper Body Blast-Just say NO to saggy arms! The key to feeling confident in a tack top is building a strong upper body. In this class we will focus on building muscles throughout your entire upper body and core. #buffbella

Burn Bella Burn-Do you need a good sweat? This class is non-stop from start to finish and will keep you dripping sweat and melting the fat right off those stubborn areas.

Bella Restore-Is it time for you to slow down and take care of those muscles? This class is built around myofascial release, foam rolling and stretching so you can let those muscles relax and they can build back stronger.

If it's knowledge and empowerment you are looking for, then Brainy Bella Workshops are the classes for you! We cover a huge variety of topics in order for you gain incredible understanding in the avenues of health, fitness and nutrition. Again, the calendar for these classes are on social media so you can follow us and sign up! Here are a few topics we cover in our workshops…

Nutrition 101: Mastering the Basics- Interested in hearing the basics of nutrition and how to pair that with your fitness routine to reach your goals? In this class you will learn that you don't have to have a boring a bland diet to shed some weight, gain some muscle and increase performance. Learn more about calories, macros and supplements to aid in your journey.

Nutrition 102: Digging Deeper- Ready to hear more science behind good nutrition? In this class, we break down the WHY's and WHAT's of fueling your body properly. You will walk away with a better understanding of how your body works and maximizing on those natural efforts.

Pre and Post Workout Fueling- Did you know that you need to eat before and after your workout? In this class you will learn WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat it and WHY you eat it. This information will be a game changer for you and the quality of your workouts! Resulting in striving closer to your goals!

Know your Macronutrients- In this workshop, you will learn all about protein, carbohydrates and dietary fats! They are all critical for the basic function of your bodily systems and knowing what you need and how much you need if very important.

Calories in vs. Calories out- Did you know that everyone metabolizes nutrients differently? That means that calories and and calories out is not as simple as it seems. Learn all the factors involved in how to find the right “energy balance” for your unique body.

5 Pillars of Wellness- These are very near and dear to our hearts at HellaBella Athletics. Without having all aspects of your life in order, you can never thrive in the ways you are aiming for. Learn how stress, sleep, water, fitness and nutrition need to work together so you can be your BEST SELF!

We love education and spreading the knowledge we have in workout program design and nutrition coaching. Please join us for the Bella Bootcamps and Brainy Bella Workshops to expand your knowledge and burn some calories. All workshops and bootcamps are ONE HOUR long to give you the best we have to offer.

If you don't have a HellaBella Class Card, don't stress! Show up to the class you want and we will get you all set up and ready to go.

HellaBella Fit Plans

Our HellaBella Fit Plans take the guesswork out of your fitness routine! We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel strong, successful and amazing! We have five different programs for you to choose from with an extensive exercise library to help along the way. Each program has the one-on-one coaching you need to feel confident and become the badass you want to be. All of our Fit Plans are designed to work together and be interchangeable throughout your fitness journey.

Fit Plan Rates

4 weeks: $69

[simpay id=”485″]

8 weeks: $139

[simpay id=”678″]

12 weeks $209

[simpay id=”900″]

Each of the following Fit Plans can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks in length. Simply read the through each Fit Plan option and choose which program best describes your needs.

*Please note this is not a monthly membership, it is a one-time purchase. You will have your program available to download and follow throughout the course of the program. Many Bellas go from program to program depending on their goals at the time.

Wellness Plan– This program is designed for the Bellas who are either fairly new to fitness or just looking to stay healthy by slowly building muscle and burning body fat. This program starts with the basics of strength training and cardiovascular fitness to aid in your overall health and wellness. You will gain the knowledge you need to feel confident at home or in the gym in order to reach your goals.


Sexy Sculpt Plan– This program is our most popular Fit Plan as it addresses many common fitness concerns our Bellas have. In this program, we take your fitness to the next level by offering a more comprehensive look into fat burning and muscle building. The goal of this program is to lean you out, tone you up and give you the strong body you have been looking for! NO, you will not get bulky, you will get sexy!


Bella Build Plan– Don’t let the name fool you! This is not about getting big and bulky like a dude! This Fit Plan is designed to create those sexy curves that you admire but don’t know how to achieve. Do you have an area on the body that you want to target specifically? This Fit Plan concentrates on strength and hypertrophy training to build muscle and therefore, turning your body into a fat burning machine. Viola! Bella Bombshell! Your HellaBella trainers rock this program every day in their own personal fitness.


Hella Burn Plan- Need a jumpstart to your fitness because you are motivated by an event or just ready to rock n’ roll? This is the Fit Plan for you! This program is designed to ramp up your metabolism quickly and effectively by implementing basic strength movements and cardio interval training. You will melt fat fast!

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