HellaBella Fuel Plan Membership

What is included in my monthly Fuel Plan membership with HellaBella?

  • Fuel Plan Execution Guide
  • HellaBella Huddles
  • HellaBella “Maximize you Fuel Plan” Video
  • Exclusive access to the YouTube Channel
  • HellaBella Recipe Vault
  • Grocery List & Substitution Guide
  • HellaBella Vault complete with refuel surveys and body composition analysis from your HellaBella Coaches
  • Private Facebook Page: Exclusive Bella’s
  • Support & Motivation from your HellaBella coaches

For more detailed information, visit the HellaBella Fuel Plan Page


Is this a monthly service? How do I pay each month?

Yes! This is a monthly service that will be automatically withdrawn from your account each month.


Can I invite my friend to the Exclusive Bellas Facebook page?

Unfortunately no, access to the Exclusive Bellas Facebook page is granted with the purchase of a monthly membership. You can direct your friends to our HellaBella Facebook page for general information. If they are interested in becoming a Bella as well, you can always take advantage of the referral program when available.


If I cancel my membership, do I still have access through the date I paid for?

Yes, you will have access through the remainder of your last billing cycle. Upon submitting your written cancellation, you will be billed one additional month’s membership dues. 30 days after your final billing your membership with expire.


Where do I submit my membership cancellation?

Please visit our Helpdesk for any inquiries to cancel your membership. You will be asked to fill out a form electronically and you will receive confirmation of your cancellation within 2-3 business days.


How do I change my billing information?

Super simple! Login to your profile and update your “Payment Method”.


Getting Started with HellaBella


How do I get started?

Pick a program, do the work and become a badass Bella!


Do I need my body fat percentage to get a HellaBella Fuel plan?

Ideally yes. However, we can work with those individuals who are limited to gaining this information. We find that the scale is a big fat liar and firmly believe that body composition is a more accurate measurement of your progress.  If you are local to the Portland, Oregon market, we work closely with Nutrishop in Hillsboro in order to gain this information. If not, other resources include personal trainers at your gyms/studios or local clinics that offer this service.


If gaining your body composition is not available to you, please continue through the registration process with as much detail as possible and we will make it happen.


How do I determine my body fat percentage?

Take an educated guess…. Just kidding! Please see above!


How often do I need to get my body fat percentage checked?

To continue progressing through the program we need to see how your body composition changes every 30 days.


How do I submit my body composition scan, refuel surveys and other important documents?

In the HellaBella Toolbox you have the capability to fill out and upload any of the above-mentioned documents.


General Information

 Business/Media Inquiries

For all Business/Media inquiries please email kelsey@fueledbyhellabella.com


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DIY with HellaBella


When will I receive the DIY manual?

Upon registering and creating your unique login information, you will find all purchased documents and tools within your profile to be referenced at any time.  You are also free to download these links.


I’m a beginner, can I use this manual?

Of course! This manual is designed to be used by any individual regardless of knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition.


Is this manual for women only?

Nope, dudes rock this every day! We call them “Fellas”

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