Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Do you enjoy creating a plan but lack the knowledge and confidence?

This DIY manual is designed to give you basic understanding of health and wellness in order to kick ass

in everyday life. You will gain the knowledge you need to build your own Basic Fuel Plan to reach your

goals according to your own unique body composition and nutrition. Not only will you gain the tools

necessary to build this Fuel Plan, as a bonus you will find strategies in ALL areas of wellness to

implement in your everyday life. Unfortunately, most people believe that the key to success in fitness

is purely diet and exercise. At HellaBella, we are passionate about taking care of yourself in all facets of

life. Only when you achieve a healthy balance through each category of wellness will you truly succeed

in reaching your goals.

Please note, this program is purely DIY and therefore does not give you access to all things HellaBella

and the personal guidance you may need from your HellaBella trainers. While this Fuel Plan may not be

as comprehensive as becoming a Fuel Plan member, it contains very effective guidelines to help you

reach your goals.

We encourage you to read through the HellaBella program options and check out the Fuel Plan

membership page to make sure this DIY manual is right for you!

Learn more about HellaBella Fuel Plan memberships

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In the manual, you will learn about the following…

• Introduction to macronutrients

• Macronutrient breakdown: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Dietary Fat

• How to determine your macros and build your Fuel Plan

• Basic quick-start recipes and grocery list

• The HellaBella Pillars of Wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Hydration and Stress Management

• Progress Tracking Tools

• Frequently Asked Questions

This is a one-time investment for you to reference moving through your fitness journey. Shortly after

purchasing the DIY manual, you will receive a link to download your copy. We recommend saving this

to your computer, smart phone and even printing out a hard copy for quick and easy reference.

Are you ready to get started?

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