So I tried it for 7 days!

I try to stay on top of what is trending in the nutrition world, but celery juice is one that seems to have slipped under the radar. Until I went home to visit family for Christmas, I didn’t realize what a big deal celery juice had become. Everyone was talking about it and juicing it. Intrigued I of course had to consult the oracle. (Social media, of course. Because where else do we get all of our scientifically backed nutrition knowledge these days. Yes, I am rolling my eyes right now.) I quickly “learned” that celery is the superfood we all need. All over Instagram, Pinterest and the top of every search engine, there it was…

“Just 16 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning on an empty stomach can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week.”

Celery? Really?

In the vegetable world I have always considered celery equivalent to the kid that gets picked last for the kickball team. Chosen by default because it’s cooler counterparts had long since been chosen first.

Celery is always the vegetable I purchase with the best of intentions. 9 times out of 10 it can be found weeks later oozing goo at the bottom of my crisper drawer.

And despite my nutrition knowledge I have always thought it was mostly comprised of water with little nutritional value that dieters ate because “it takes more calories to consume than it is actually comprised of”. Which is not 100% accurate by the way.

Unrelated Fun Fact: I did learn in my research, that this unassuming crunchy vegetable is a Hollywood sound effect favorite to create the gruesome sound of bones being crushed and splintered. Who knew?

As I “educated” myself through social media, celebrity testimonials and health gurus’ claims, I learned that if I were to drink celery juice daily I could expect to see:

  • Restored gut health and improved digestion
  • Reduced inflammation and improvement of autoimmune conditions
  • Starvation of bad bacteria and flushing out of viruses
  • Balanced pH in the body, detoxed liver and cleaner blood
  • Hydration on a “deep cellular level” to reduce incidence of migraines, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Reversal of brain fog, depression and anxiety

I thought to myself, this seems over the top, but there has to some scientific backing behind this right? Sure, but it is also glorified and like so many nutrition trends, misleading.

Here is what I know about celery and its potential healing superpowers. Plus my personal verdict after trying it myself for “just one week”. (Remember the word verdict insinuates “my opinion”. So as always if you are really curious, do your research and try it. The best way to learn what works for your body is to try it for yourself.)


  • Celery contains phytochemicals and antioxidants associated with reducing inflammation, which in turn has the potential to reduce autoimmune symptoms and disease risk.

BUT, so do lots of other vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Compounds called flavonoids are behind many of celery’s health perks, but almost all fruits and vegetables have these and many have the same level of these phytochemicals if not more than celery.


  • Celery has a slight diuretic effect and may aid in digestion. But the effects are minimal, and celery amongst other fruits and vegetables generally support the body in its natural process of restoring fluid balance.

BUT, celery does not detox the bloodstream or liver, and it does not change the body’s internal pH.


  • Celery juice contains Vitamins C and K, potassium, magnesium, iron, and other nutrients.

BUT, puree or juice 1 pound of any vegetable or fruit, and you will end up with similar “super food” potential nutrient levels. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about celery other than it’s a vegetable, and most of us could stand to consume a little more plants in our lives.


  • Drinking celery juice is a healthy and easy way to get some nutrients.

BUT, celery juice is also bitter and well… tastes exactly like celery.

The Verdict.

After 7 days of celery juice replacing my morning coffee routine, I found that I experienced less stomach bloating and discomfort. Don’t get me wrong I did not give up coffee completely. But because I started drinking it later in the morning after having a meal, I drank less. In turn, I consumed less caffeine overall and drank more water throughout the day. (Side note: any time I have taken out coffee consumption first thing in the morning on an empty stomach I have experienced similar results.)

Also, as most of you know I LOVE vegetables, so getting in a minimum of 5 servings per day is never a problem for me. So sneaking in a pound of celery first thing in the morning was not necessary for me to reach my vegetable intake goal. So after “just one week” what was my verdict? I found two things. Coffee on an empty stomach does not make me feel my best and consuming more vegetables is always a good thing.

So if you like celery, try it. But if you’re not a celery fan, don’t feel like skipping out on this trend dooms your health! Going back to the HellaBella basics, load up on a variety of fruits and veggies you love during the day. Research has shown that this can be more beneficial than eating the same foods over and over, no matter how much of a “super food” it is. Celery or not.

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