WARNING: I am on my motivational soap box today! You can thank an amazingly inspirational conversation with an amazingly inspirational dude.

Bamboo is known for its unique growing pattern. Once it is planted, it has to be watered every day. Waiting for some sign of life days, weeks and months go by. Nothing. One year passes, nothing. Year two, three, four… and still nothing. Then in year five the most amazing thing happens. You wake up and see a small bamboo sprout. The next day it grows a little bit bigger and within 6 weeks this little sprout will shoot up to 90 feet tall.

When you really stop to think about the goals and achievements made in life or those that you left to the wayside and given up on… how often have you felt that way in the process? Putting in work, making moves every single day and cultivating what seems like nothing.  In a world of immediate satisfaction, immediate results are expected and without that we see immediate failure. To a fault we have created an unrealistic standard that we hold ourselves and others to. Not every goal will be reached immediately. Not every achievement will be made overnight. This is reality.

But what you can do is water the bamboo every day. Cultivating and growing roots below the soil. Building a strong unseen foundation to be able to sustain new life as it grows out of the ground. Do you think 90 feet could be sustained by shallow roots? Hell no!

What is your biggest goal right now?

Can you stay focused and continue to believe in what you are doing without immediate results?

The answer is yes. Yes you absolutely can. But you have to be relentless.

You have to move beyond self-doubt, judgment from others, lack of knowledge, negative feelings such as being overwhelmed, disappointed and ultimately resist the urge to give up and return to what it familiar and comfortable.

NEWS FLASH PEOPLE big ambition is OK!  Don’t minimize ambition or goals because the path to get there may be long, uncertain, uncomfortable and at some points seeming to go nowhere.  If it is a REAL ambition or a REAL goal, own that shit! Lack of motivation to achieve a goal and to be persistent comes when your ambitions are half ass. You kind of want it and you kind of don’t. So you “water” it sometimes and then sometimes you don’t. Well this is when your bamboo sprout dies. I am not saying it is easy to take actions everyday towards something knowing it could take FIVE years to sprout, but if you have not allowed yourself to fully own your ambition and take hold of it  then you could be missing on the most remarkable breakthroughs in your life.

So today’s life lesson… be relentless, water the bamboo and wait for your moment. Own it. Your ambition is never too big unless you tell yourself it is. Be diligent in your goals and what you’re trying to achieve because although it may seem as though nothing is happening in a given moment, everything is actually happening. Your future self is being cultivated below the soil, ready to sprout.

Be patient. Be consistent. Stay focused.

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